"Saira offers judgement free, insightful guidance that will empower you and help you find your own path to happiness."

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Contact me to have a free introductory 30 minute chat to see if I can be of help to you right now and if we would be a good fit, like with all things the chemistry has to be right. You can also sign up to my newsletter and follow me on social media.

I’d be happy to share my learning and answer questions where I can. Let me meet you where you are and how works for you.

I don’t do spammy emails or hard sell phone calls and everything we talk about will be confidential.

Of course, there will be differences in challenges you face or ways you think depending on who are – this can be because of age, gender, race or sexual orientation but it can also just be you – your background, your thoughts, your quirks, your personality! For the purposes of working with me, the only thing that has any bearing on our coaching relationship is are we a good fit, because we have to be able to work together and trust each other, and that are you willing to do the work it takes to get you where you want to be. All are welcome here.

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