Bespoke Life & Love Coaching.

There are lots of ways to describe and package up the types of coaching I do, but in truth I just want to help and I’ll do that by meeting you where you are, emotionally speaking. We can create a ‘bespoke’ package just for you and it can just be us working together to get what you want. How we work is open and up to what we decide is best; online, telephone, face to face, grabbing a coffee or walking while we talk, geography allowing of course.

So there is nothing set or fixed here but it can help to know the different ways I can work with you.

Life coaching

I offer life coaching which will help you love yourself and your life. If there is something that feels ‘wrong’ or even just ‘not right’, if it feels like something in your life is not working or if you want to make changes but you aren’t sure how or you can’t make it stick, if you are in emotional pain or you need a helping hand figuring things out and moving on and up – this is the coaching for you.

Love coaching

I also coach people looking for love. Here we do the mindset work and practical steps to go about putting yourself in the way of love and embracing it. This is especially important if you are yearning for a deep love and worrying it might never come or why the same issues keep coming up in your relationships again and again and also if you are struggling to find a compatible partner or keep choosing the same sort of person over and over again despite knowing they are not right for you.

Heartbreak coaching

I coach those coming out of relationships because I know how real and debilitating the pain of heartbreak can be and how hard the grief of lost love can be. This pain can be excruitiating to bear and challenging to navigate, if this is you, I see you and I want to help you heal and get to a new life where you are thriving again.

Couples coaching

I also coach individuals and couples in relationships who are either struggling, perhaps with communication or intimacy or the same fight again and again or sometimes things are fine and we can just work or making things even better and stronger with great openness, romance and passion and everyone getting their needs met.

I also offer pre-wedding, pre-cohabitation, pre-separation and pre-divorce work to support you through huge periods of transition.

If you want or need help, contact me to have a free introductory 30 minute chat to see if I can be of help to you right now and if we would be a good fit, chemistry is vitally important for us to work well together. There is no obligation and I don’t do hard sell or trying to force or guilt people in to spending money.

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