Here are some recommendations from some lovely people I have had the privilege of helping.
For confidentiality reasons some of these names have been changed, although the comments have not.

‘Saira was a huge help to me whilst I was trying to navigate decisions around career and living abroad. She listened without judgement and asked insightful questions that really made me think about what was important to me in life.

“She listened without judgement..”

Her fresh and positive perspective really helped me during a tricky time and stopped me spiralling into disaster!’

Clare, UK

‘Even with something as simple as a dating profile, it’s one of the hardest things in the world to write about yourself and I was impressed by her skill at being able to break down my personality and help me turn my best traits into words on the screen. I do believe the work we did together got me ready for and then helped me meet the woman who is now my wife.

We’ve been together 5 years, had a beautiful wedding last year and are now starting a family.’

Charlie, UK

‘Saira is a naturally brilliant communicator – someone who is able to listen deeply, and has an uncanny knack of drawing insights quickly and accurately regarding any situation you share with her. It’s a fantastic gift, and anyone seeking help with a challenge in their personal or professional life would benefit from Saira’s ability to help rethink any issue.

“Couldn’t recommend anyone more highly!”

She also happens to be a genuinely lovely person who is a pleasure to spend time with! Couldn’t recommend anyone more highly!’

Ricky, UK

“She listens, she cares and she helps.”

‘Saira has an amazing ability to make you believe in yourself. She built me up and helped me believe in myself when I lacked the courage to do so and now I am so far beyond where I thought I could ever get to. She listens, she cares and she helps.’

James, UK

‘Saira helped me find the courage and confidence to date a really different type of partner than I was used to, two years on we’re happily married and living in Uganda! She has the experience and insight to help people see parts of their personality and habits that are hard to identify. All this with a kindness and non-patronising empathy.

“She has the experience and insight..”

Saira *will* show you things about yourself you’ve never realised that will have a positive effect on the way you date and live.’

Elenor, USA

‘Saira has a natural gift for helping people find clarity and see opportunity even for those with the foggiest of minds. Her incredible perception and infectious positivity enables others to explore thoughts and options, which may otherwise have lay buried.

From my own personal experience, I am eternally grateful for the seemingly simple questions Saira asked me, which ultimately led to me marrying the love of my life. Saira offers judgement free, insightful guidance that will empower you and help you find your own path to happiness.’

Louise, UK

"Saira offers judgement free, insightful guidance that will empower you and help you find your own path to happiness."

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