Valentine’s Blues?

Posted on: 12.02.2019

There is no reason anyone SHOULD feel bad about Valentine’s Day. It is just a day. I hope you feel great on February 14th. And the 15th and the 16th and so on, for that matter. But if you don’t, this one is for you.... Much like a love obsessed Scrooge, I was thinking about Valentine's past...

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When is a life coach not the answer?

Posted on: 07.07.2018

As a coach, clearly I believe that life coaching is valuable and I really love helping people move on from pain and grow into happier lives. However, coaching is not always the right answer for everyone. If these reasons ring true for you, it may not be your path right now.   When you...

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Why would I even need a life coach?

Posted on: 01.07.2018

This is such a good question. I know you are brilliant and clever and amazing, but here is why I think people need life coaches. Knowing what to do and doing it are not the same thing Some things are simple, ‘Love yourself first’, ‘Let go of the past’, ‘Stop beating yourself up’....

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